Our innovative processes guarantee excellent technical and technological solutions, in line with market demand and trends.

Innovative technologies and tailor-made solutions

The global vision and the synergies between SARES & MIRAMONDI permit to find the best solution and lead time for every single market, project and need.
Modular approach and an effective standardization provide outstanding advantages looking for the most effective tailormade solutions.


Processes We form the metal to your needs

The companies supply turn-key equipments, from presses to dies, from cutting to forming stations, including flanging, bending e roll-forming, optimizing processes, parts production and cycle times, in accordance with customer’s requirements. We process any type of metal sheet, from cold rolled, zinc-coated and stainless steels, strictly in conformity with the product design for assembly requirements.


Thanks to our extended experience with stamping technology, we can customize any products to be unique, with different shapes, cuts and aesthetical patterns.
Thanks to the combination of engineering expertise with our experience in production processes we can provide turn-key stamping solutions from die design to final performance tests of a fully automatic press line.


The Forming Technology involves different processes to draw complex and high-quality geometries into the sheet metal.


Processes Perfomance and Flexibility

We produce special machines and automated assembly lines integrating flexible systems and technologies, providing to our customers specialized and diversified solutions:
All welding, clinching and riveting solutions can be integrated in our lines for process optimization to exceed our customers’ highest expectations.


High mechanical strength joints obtained through processes modeled on the needs of our customers and their specific product design, balancing quality and cost saving.

Seam Locking

When perimeters are to be joined, even with complex profiles, we can offer static or dynamic process solutions with high standards of sealing and tolerances, without the need to use welding processes.

Clinching & Rivetting

Cold joining systems, as an alternative to standard spot welding, can be integrated into our automatic lines to obtain maximum process efficiency and performance. The products can be completely customized based on the customer's needs.


Processes High performing solutions

Thanks to a winning combination SARES & MIRAMONDI operate in the field of automation, helping customers in the choice of the processing technology that best suits their needs based on the specifications, on our experience and confirmed by dedicated tests and trials.

Visioning & inspection

The demand for process controls led us to develop a strong experience on a wide choice of scanning devices and inspection systems that we integrate into all the processes of our lines. Through high tech devices able to recognize objects in the space and perform the most advanced analysis for Quality and Dimensional Evaluations, it is possible to perform a complete dimensional inspection in any direction and position with a precision that always meets the customer needs.

Laser Cutting

Our experience with laser technology is a key factor when high flexibility on the number of cutting patterns is required or when they are to be performed on complex geometries not achievable with a die. We implement cost effective and high-quality laser cutting processes. Laser cutting is essentially a thermal process in which a focused laser beam is used to melt material in a specific area. A co-axial gas jet is used to eject the molten material and create a kerf. A continuous cut is produced by moving the laser beam or workpiece under CNC/PLC control.
Robotic cells are used to control the movement of the laser torch and thus guarantee flexibility and accuracy to cover wide range of products and solutions.


To ensure quality reliability and after-sales smart service we integrate different assembly technologies and devices. From cold assembly, pure mechanical, with plastic deformation (seaming and clinching), to different heating processes as the welding, to the processes that require material addition as screwing, riveting and glueing.
The common factor is process monitoring and quality control performed with the most advanced devices on the market.

Robotic handling

The standard linear handling systems are replaced more and more often by robotic handling.
The robotic revolution is empowered with cooperative features and machine learning algorithms maximizing advantages and efficiency. With our partners, leaders in the robotic industry, we implement flexible and innovative concepts and layouts.
In more complex production lines we integrate the process controls and the automated handling systems to build up a full automatic stations.

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Synergies with our partners add value and high-technology solutions.