Always by your side


SARES & MIRAMONDI are a global presence ready to pro-actively work side by side their customers, aiding them in tackling any technical challenge, starting from feasibility analysis.
We define process solutions that can guarantee competitivity and sustainability with lowest risk for the customer.

Digitalization - R&D

We boost the efficiency our machines using Artificial Intelligence together with energy saving and recovery systems.
Our Advanced Process Monitoring System (APM) detects, displays and records all the invisible events that affect the health of our machines.
With our Advanced Process Monitoring System, backed by more than 90 years of Know-How, our customers can perform predictive maintenance.


SARES & MIRAMONDI share their customers’ goal: to maintain the highest efficiency of productive processes in time, offering, among other services, their technical support to monitor and schedule preventive maintenance services.
Thanks to an international network of technical support we can supply on going or on request technical support or “High priority service” solutions.

Customers Chosen by the best


Synergies with our partners add value and high-technology solutions.