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Solutions for Home Appliance Market

SARES & MIRAMONDI equipment integrate different technologies boosting their efficiency and flexibility.
Our innovation capability makes a difference whenever there is a challenge.


SARES & MIRAMONDI supply fabrication and assembly lines for the main sub-systems of washers and dryers, guaranteeing the highest productive flexibility and the highest standards of quality and processes, thanks to the technical know-how acquired over the years.


Thanks to long standing technical experience and to a wide range of innovative solutions, SARES & MIRAMONDI oven and cooking tops production lines, apply different modern processing technologies, allow for productive flexibility and guarantee quality and reliability.


SARES & MIRAMONDI, backed by their vast experience, are in the position to propose the most efficient and competitive solutions for dishwasher components and parts production and assembly lines.


In accordance with customers' needs in terms of productivity, flexibility and automation, SARES & MIRAMONDI offer solutions for sheet metal working semi-automatic machines or full-automatic equipment.

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Synergies with our partners add value and high-technology solutions.